Cabinets Doors & Trim Painting Service

Ready for a fresh new look in your home? We have your painting needs covered with our Cabinets Doors & Trim Painting Services. When it comes to refinishing wood, there are a few things you need to consider. First and foremost, make sure that the job is correct the first time. Furthermore, if you want to bring value back into your home, we can help. Cabinet painting, door painting, and trim painting can transform the look and feel of any room in your home. In addition, we understand the importance of maintaining a high level of detail in our trim refinishing work. Get your free estimate now!

Our trim refinishing process typically includes: (stained and polyurethane-coated wood)

We will always:

  • Protect areas that are not to receive paint.
  • Patch the damaged areas with wood filler, including the old nail holes.
  • Sanding the existing polyurethane topcoat for best paint adhesion.
  • Apply two or three coats of high-quality paint, with a light sanding in between coats.

We currently love using the C2 Cabinet and Trim Paint, which is found locally at Norberg Paints.

A quote from their website about C2 paint says it best: 
“Our revolutionary cabinet and trim paint features patented Polywhey® technology—a safe, easy-to-use finish using recycled dairy whey protein. This innovative formula blends the elegance of an old-world traditional oil-based paint with the benefits of modern-day low-VOC technology. The result is a smooth, porcelain-hard finish that is one of the most eco-friendly and durable products we have ever created. Because of it’s incredible durability, it’s also great for use on floors.”

Below are showcases of cabinetry, doors, and trim painting jobs we have done in the past.

3 Bed, 2 Bath Door & Trim Painting

In the last phase of this 3-bed, 2-bath dream home renovation, the homeowner reached out to us for a final touch. We were honored; the homeowner hired us to complete the refinishing trim painting. In this large house, the current owner did not want the ‘Oak look’ and did not want the walls painted a different color. Therefore, we refinished 13 doors, doorframes, and trim. Likewise, we refinished nine windows and all the trim work on the first floor.
Pantry Doors Before

1970's Kitchen Cabinet Painting

This custom kitchen cabinetry was top of the line in the 1970s when it was new. Demolishing and rebuilding this kitchen would be a waste of time and money. Fortunately, the cabinetry was in excellent condition and just needed a fresh refinish. Thankfully, the owner hired us to sand, re-paint, and install the new kitchen cabinetry. In addition, the new owner had some great ideas to open up the kitchen, dining room, and living room space to bring in new colors and make three rooms look and feel like one beautiful room. Our before and after photos demonstrate the dramatic changes to the master living space.

Living Before
Living Room During remodel
Living Room After
Kitchen Before
Kitchen Before
Kitchen During Remodel
Kitchen Island Installed
Kitchen Island Cabinetry Painted
Kitchen Cabinetry After Paint
Kitchen Cabinetry Finished
Kitchen Island Cabinetry After Paint - living room side.
Kitchen Island Cabinetry After Paint -kitchen side.
Living Room Before the Wall was removed to the kitchen.

New Custom Cabinets Doors & Trim Painting

These photos are of another kitchen remodel that we are fortunate enough to be able to showcase. This kitchen was hand-built by the client’s family member! He was a skilled carpenter! So, they contracted us to paint the cabinets. First, we sprayed an oil-based varnish on the interior of the cabinetry. Next, some light sanding and a second coat of varnish. Then we applied one coat of an oil-based primer. Followed by two coats of oil-based white paint (sanding between coats) on the exterior finish.
1 Custom built cabinets before varnish or paint
2 Custom built cabinets before varnish or paint
3 Custom built cabinets before varnish or paint
4 After varnish
5 After varnish
6 Prepped for paint
7 Prepped for paint
10 oil primer done
8 Primer done
9 1st coat paint
11 Finished
12 Final Photo
13 Panoramic Final Photo
Custom built cabinets before varnish or paint

1970's Ranch Home - Doors & Trim Painting

The photos of this 1970 ranch home show how damaged some the trim had become. With our skilled workers, we patched lots of seams and holes before primer and paint. The paint upgrades changed the overall look and feel of this home.
Beat Up Trim
Trim patching
Trim- Patched, Sanded, Caulked, Primed and 2 coats of Paint
Closet Doors Before
Closet Doors After
Closet Doors Installed After Paint
Hallway Trim & Walls Before Paint
Hallway Trim & Walls After Painting
Closet & Window Trim Before
Closet & Window Trim & Walls After Painting
Closet & Window Trim & Walls During
Walls and trim before paint
After wall & trim paint and new carpet... it is ready to sell!
Front Door Before
Front Metal Door Repaint
Beat Up Trim Before