Caulk & Paint Services


Caulk & Paint are a valuable assets to your home.  Most of the time it is protected by another layer of something, but not always.
  • Without caulk you home will have air leaks that lead to higher heating/cooling costs.
  • Caulk is widely used to protect your home from the potential of water damage repair costs in both the interior and exterior finishings.
  • Caulking can also help prevent bugs from moving around so easily. 
  • Caulk & Paint in your kitchens & bathrooms prevents water damage.  Water damaged drywall is a nasty mess that nobody wants to deal with. Water problems that are not dealt with can cause rot. Anything the is wet can cause mold, all things you don’t want in your home.
  • New construction often skips much of the interior caulking as a -price saving feature.
  • As a home settles over the years countertops and old caulk lines can become cracked or smushed creating unsightly lines around your home.
  • Caulk by itself is usually enough to get the job done but, protect it with paint and you can create a long lasting and more visually appealing area.
  • We recommend repairing or replacing this caulk when you see wear and tear happening.Caulk is your friend…
1 Before - Cracking caulk
2 After - Caulk repaired & painted 2 coats
3 Before
4 After - Finished product!
8 Before
9 After - Caulk repaired & painted 2 coats
10 Before - Bad Construction
11 After Better
12 Before
13 After Sanding & Caulk
14 Final shot- sand, caulk, primer, 2 coats of paint.
Before - Cracking caulk from house settling over time.