Commercial Painting Contractor

In & Out Painting has often been hired as a commercial painting contractor. When painting ceilings and walls in a commercial setting can be very disruptive to the daily workflow. We are able to paint after hours or during the weekend to tackle the hardest area’s to paint without disrupting the daily work flow of the business. 
This area show’s pictures of a few job types we have done in the past.

Optical Lab Walls Painting

We were hired as the commercial painting contractor for a local optical lab.  After 20+ years in business they where rebranding and needed new paint colors throughout the inside of the building. Employees worked together to choose which walls where to become the accent walls. Most of the work was completed after hours so as not to interfere with normal business hours of the lab.
Back work room before

Auto Repair Shop Walls Presser wash & Paint

A local auto repair shop wanted to clean up his mechanics bay.  We did a little testing to figure out which paint would hold up best after being subject to various shop solvents.  They hired us as their painting contractor, we ended up pressure washing the walls to remove the general grime buildup that happens in a auto repair bay.  We let it dry for 24 hours and sprayed 2 coats of Breakthrough by PPG in semi gloss.  It looks so much brighter and cleaner now, ready to be beat up again!
Employee Entrance Before

Apartment Door, Trim and Cabinetry Refinish

Apartment buildings often feel dated unless they where built recently.  This apartment had the golden oak trim found in many of the 1970’s and 1980’s buildings throughout town.  We did not change the wall colors we only changed the doors and trim color around the apartment.  We cleaned, lightly sanded and repainted with the oak to a rich chestnut color which brought in a more modern updated feel to this 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment.  Likewise we disassembled and cleaned the radiant heaters before giving them 2 coats of Aquanamel paint (color matched to the wall) from Norberg Paints.
Dining Room Before

Photography Studio Wall, Trim, Cabinets, Furniture, Shelving Painting

We were called into paint the Studio side.  As work progressed so did the clients desire to paint the rest of the studio.  We painted in a two toned colored scheme on the cabinetry , table & chairs, then the wall shelves and a large mirror to help blend in the overall new feel of the room.
Front Studio Before
Front Studio After
Front Studio Before
Front Studio After
Seating Area Before
Seating Area After
Before of kitchenette.
After of kitchenette.
Before - with island as reception desk.
After - with table in place of island reception. We also painted table and chairs in 2 colors of paint.
Another after photo
Front Studio - Where is the Trim it is the same color as the wall

Excel Energy Wallpaper Removal, Skim Coat and Painting

We worked after hours as not to interrupt daily business.  This older building had wallpaper surrounding the call center and some office rooms they wanted removed.  Once the wallpaper was removed, we needed to do skim coat all of the walls to repair the drywall.  We
could then prime and 2 coats of paint to bring the walls back into this decade.
Before shot of peeling wallpaper
Wallpaper removed - hard to see but the walls where never primed before so the paper did not come off very easy.
After skim coat to the whole wall
After primer and 2 coats of paint looked great!
Conference Room during wallpaper removal
Conference Room after
Before shot of peeling wallpaper

Call Center - Accent Walls

Painting some simple accent walls in a call center. What a great way to bring in some company spirit!
Before shot - Fixing old nail hole spots
After 2 coats of company color blue
Wall Before
Accent Wall After
Before shot - Fixing old nail hole spots