Large Home Painting

We specialize in interior home painting. No job is to big or to small for your home when it comes to the jobs we can take on.  We have extremely tall ladders to tackle some of the hardest to reach area’s. Even that 2nd story chandelier that hangs down… we can reach with our ladder and in most cases do not need to build scaffolding up to do so. Some of the houses listed here, we painted everything! We painted walls, ceilings, cabinetry, doors, trim and even the exterior’s. Most of these homes had been recently purchased and went though some extensive remodeling prior to moving in. Not only will our painting services enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, but they will also increase its value. Whether you’re looking to sell or simply want to enjoy a fresh new look, trust In & Out Painting of Sioux Falls to deliver exceptional results.

The following are some photo’s of a few home’s we worked on over the years.  Most of the heavy work was done by other companies.

Golf Course Home Painting

This golf course house went through an extensive remodel and painting process.  This amazing home changed from all natural brown wood tones to the modern greys with off white C2 paint on trim, cabinets, doors, and windows. If it could be painted we did. In the end we even painted the exterior as well. Warning this unique gallery is 37 pictures long of before, during and after!
  • The columns between the living room and kitchen where removed.
  • 3 Arches where flattened out surrounding the kitchen for modern lines.
  • The fireplace was centered to the living room and more lights where added above.
  • A T.V spot & Cabinetry  where added to complete the fireplace wall.
  • A barn door added to the master bedroom bath entry.
  • New wood floors on main level where installed (except bedroom and back hallway).
  • We sanded and applied 1 coat of primer,  2 coats of off white “C2 Cabinet & Trim paint” on all the trim , cabinets, doors & windows.
  • We uniquely painted the entry door almost black, sidelights  a darker grey with the surrounding trim off white.
  • 10 custom colors of the clients choice, were used on walls with flat white ceilings.
1 Living Room Before
2  Living Room During
3  Living Room After
4 Upstairs Desk Before
5 Upstairs Desk After
6 Upstairs bedroom bath before
7 Upstairs bedroom bath after.
8 Formal dinning room before.
9 Chair rail was added
10 Finished formal dinning
11 Master bath before.
12 Master bath during
13 Master bath after
14 Pantry before
15 Pantry After
16 Windows Before
17 Windows After
18 Bathroom counter caulk
19 Bathroom counter finished
20 Master bath shower ceiling
21 Master Bath finished
22 Sunroom before
23 Sunroom after
24 Stairs Before
25 Stairs During
26 Stairs During
27 Stairs almost done
28 Stairs Finished
35 Kitchen sink windows before
36 Kitchen sink windows during
37 Kitchen sink windows finished
29 Kitchen before.
30 Kitchen During
31 Kitchen During
32 Kitchen During
33 Kitchen During
34 Kitchen Finished

Living Room fireplace before- Home owner wanted to center the fireplace, add lighting and cabinetry with a place for a t.v.

Not Your Average Split Level Home Anymore

We did the painting at this home after it went through a big remodel. The kitchen and living room before is what you would expect from any average split level in town.  Not anymore, they blew out the back of the home and added a huge living room with fireplace.  With new floors on the upper level along with new kitchen cabinets and counters it really feels spacious now.  The exterior also received a face lift.  All of the windows where trimmed out by a different company before we began painting which helped its curb appeal greatly.  A new deck and shed along with a new concrete patio and extra parking this home is no longer your average split level.

Liv Addition-Before
Liv Addition-after
Living Room was completely expanded on the back of the home - before photo

1977 Tut Hill Home Painting

This is another house that underwent a large scale painting remodel. On the main level of this home we painted the walls and trim work including the picture window, new stair railing and doors. On the second floor we refurbished all the trim work, then painted the trim and doors to match those on the first floor. The basement was finished at this time with trim to match the rest of the home.  Which we then also painted along with the doors. Finally one coat of paint was applied to the interior of the garage to clean and brighten it.

1 Front Picture Window Before
2 Front Picture Window After
3 Stairs Before
4 Stairs After
5 Living Room Before
6 Living Room During
7 Living Room Finished
8 Upper Bedroom Before
9 Closet Doors During
10 Closet Doors After
11 Bedroom closet & window trim before primer
12 Bedroom closet & window trim before paint
13 Bedroom closet & window trim finished
14 Garage before
15 Garage After
16 Stairs before and after
17 Door bell & Electrical Box
18 Closet door before & after
19 Kitchen after
Picture window was natural wood and in great shape .