Wallpaper Removal Services

Our wallpaper removal and painting services will restore your home to its former glory. When we remove wallpaper, it often reveals poor past workmanship, water damage, or pest infestations. Slowly, over time, the wallpaper will start to curl at the edge, showing its age. Likewise, wallpaper damage is permanent; there’s no way to repair the paper.
Many wallpapered homes have problems selling in today’s market. Therefore, if you want to increase your home’s value or have a modern look that is keeping with the times, it’s time to hire wallpaper removal services. We’ve seen firsthand that once we remove wallpaper and re-paint a room, the room brightens and the indoor air quality improves. If you’re ready to update your home, call us to remove that old wallpaper. We’ve done many jobs restoring walls, one wall at a time!

Wallpaper Removal can be very tedious

Wallpaper removal is one of the most effective ways to bring value back to your home. No matter how we do it, damage to your wall will probably happen, no matter how hard we try. Most of the time, we can fix it. Once the wallpaper removal is complete, some DIYers may not be ready for the mess to remove the glue. We use hot water to remove the glue because it’s usually enough. Chemicals can damage surrounding finishes, so we use them sparingly. If the wallpaper installer did his job correctly the first time, it would come off with minimal damage to the drywall surface. In the worst cases, if the drywall is damaged, we apply a skim coating of drywall mud over the damaged areas. We then lightly retextured the drywall before painting. Finally, we finish with several coats of paint. Let us help you remove your wallpaper, get your free estimate now!

1 Bedroom wallpaper before
2 Bedroom after wallpaper removal
3 Bedroom wallpaper before
4 Bedroom after wallpaper removal n paint
5 Bathroom before & after wallpaper removal
6 Bathroom before
7 Bathroom after wallpaper removal
8 Kitchen boarder wallpaper before
9 Kitchen after wallpaper removal
10 Kitchen far side before
11 Kitchen far side during
12 Kitchen far side after wall paper removal
16 Bathroom wallpaper before
17 Bathroom after wallpaper removal
18 Vanity wall paper before
19 Vanity after Wallpaper Removal
21 Shower & Door wallpaper before
20 Shower & Door after removed
Lovely outdated wallpaper