Wallpaper Removal Services


Our Wallpaper Removal & Painting Services will bring your home back to feeling like new. Wallpaper will often hide poor craftsmanship or, worse yet, water or pest damage. Not to mention over time, as pictures are hung and damage is done, there is no fixing the paper. If you are selling and want to increase the value of your home or want a more modern look that fits in with this era,  then it’s probably time to hire us get rid of it. We have personally seen that once we remove the wallpaper and paint the room, it greatly brightens up and the air quality improves. If you’re ready to update your home, we specialize in wallpaper removal and have done many jobs bringing walls back to life, one job at a time!


Wallpaper Removal can be very tedious


Damage to a drywall can often be prevented by properly removing the wallpaper. No matter what we do, damage to the wall is likely no matter how well we try. However, most of the time we can fix that damage. If the wallpaper is not removed properly, it can cause major damage to the drywall. You would then need a professional drywaller to be repair the wall before painting can proceed.

Once the paper comes off, some do-it-yourselfers may not be prepared for the mess that glue can create. If the wall is painted, the glue tends to come off easier. We like to use hot water,  it’s usually enough to remove the glue.  We do not like to use chemicals that can damage surrounding finishes, so we use it very sparingly. In the worst cases, after removal, a skim coat of drywall mud is applied over the damaged areas and then lightly retextured. We can finally finish with a few coats of paint. Wallpaper removal can be a tedious task. Let us help you remove it!

Photo Gallery of past Wallpaper jobs

1 Bedroom wallpaper before
2 Bedroom after wallpaper removal
3 Bedroom wallpaper before
4 Bedroom after wallpaper removal n paint
5 Bathroom before & after wallpaper removal
6 Bathroom before
7 Bathroom after wallpaper removal
8 Kitchen boarder wallpaper before
9 Kitchen after wallpaper removal
10 Kitchen far side before
11 Kitchen far side during
12 Kitchen far side after wall paper removal
16 Bathroom wallpaper before
17 Bathroom after wallpaper removal
18 Vanity wall paper before
19 Vanity after Wallpaper Removal
21 Shower & Door wallpaper before
20 Shower & Door after removed
Lovely outdated wallpaper